Your Appointment

Case History

First we will spend time discussing why you are here and your medical history. This includes knowing about any medication you take and any test results you have like x-ray’s. You are welcome to bring a family member or friend with you.


An examination is carried out to reach a diagnosis prior to treatment. Osteopathy seeks to find the cause of your problem and so takes into account the whole body. To see the influence of your overall posture, I will usually need to see you undressed to your underwear. (This is usual practice) If you are not comfortable with this please tell me. Some people like to wear shorts and a vest. If you wish me to leave the room while you undress please let me know.

I will ask you to do some simple movements such as a forward bend. I will also feel the soft tissue such as your back muscles. I may do some orthopaedic testing of joints and any relevant clinical examination such as reflexes or blood pressure.


During an appointment you are always welcome to ask questions. The majority of treatments I do consist of soft tissue (massage) which stretches the tissues, relaxing it and improving blood flow. Articulation of the joints, which aids restoration of their range of movement and nourishes the cartilage. I also do gentle techniques such as balancing of the ligaments and cranial osteopathy (please see separate page). You are free to change your mind at any time about any treatment you have consented too.

After your treatment

It is usual, after osteopathic treatment, to feel a little more sore for a couple of days, before you feel the benefit of treatment. This is the same reaction in your muscles as if you have exercised. It is also usual after cranial treatment to feel tired the same or following day. Please tell me if you have an important event the next day.

Sometimes symptoms can move around as one area of the body is released and another is placed under strain. If you ever have any serious concerns about any symptoms between appointments please call me. Thankfully these occasions are rare.