Treating Babies

Cranial Osteopathy could help. Ask around other parents, you will soon come across someone with a positive story to tell. We do sometimes get recommendations by midwives and health visitors. I have also treated the baby of a local midwife.

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle, non-manipulative treatment suitable for babies and young children. It can help soothe and relax them.

I have been treating babies and children since I graduated and have studied paediatrics both at an under graduate and post graduate level.

Babies who attend for treatment tend to improve over 3-4 appointments.

Free Baby Check Available
Consists of free 30 minute case history and examination. If you decide to proceed with treatment normal fees apply.

Information on a Baby’s Appointment

First we will discuss why you are here and your baby’s medical history. Then I will examine them to reach a diagnosis prior to treatment. Feel free to ask any questions during treatment and you are free to change your mind at any time.

It is usual, after osteopathic treatment, to see a change in behaviour. Usually your baby will have a longer sleep than normal. However, occasionally, if something is in the process of being released it sometimes occurs that your baby could be more unsettled than usual. Babies are unpredictable responders to treatment often they may have one large response with a big improvement in symptoms and several appointments when they only show a small response. Which order this occurs in varies. If you ever have any serious concerns about any symptoms between appointments you can contact me on my mobile 07916232959. You are always welcome to bring a friend or relative with you to your appointment.


“I took my 8 week old daughter to Louise for cranial osteopathy... I would recommend cranial osteopathy to anyone... It was a bonus that Louise is incredibly supportive and has a lovely calming nature, something I certainly appreciated as a worried new mum.”.