Herbs for your Health

Written by Louise Megan Owen Apr 20 2018

Many of my Patients know that I spent 2017 studying Herbalism. I had always been drawn to Herbs but had never realised just how effective they can be. Then I discovered Dr John R Christopher. He was an American Herbalist who left a legacy of Herbal knowledge and testimonials behind him, as well as the school he set up - The School of Natural Healing.

During his life Dr Christopher developed many excellent Herbal Formulae. These formulas were adjusted over many years; the result of which is that they are very effective. They also have a history of safe usage over many decades. Dr Christopher’s approach fits in with Osteopathy perfectly because it is about helping the body heal itself, by using the Herbs as a food to nourish the body, rather than treating a condition and ignoring the cause.

I recently tried one on myself. Due to working so much with my hands I developed, over many years, an area of thick skin next to my thumb nail which split and was painful. So I decided to use Dr Christopher’s Complete Bone and Tissue formula. For ease of application I chose the massage oil. Over six weeks I applied this to my thumb each night, letting it absorb naturally. I am thrilled to say it has now completely healed.

One of the Herbs in the oil is Comfrey. This is a wonderful herb that stimulates cellular growth. This allowed my thumb to heal quicker than I was injuring it through my work. I am sure you will agree correcting a problem that had taken years to develop in six weeks is an impressive result.

I am already sharing some of the knowledge I have leaned with my patients giving them advice on Herbs to take for their benefit. I will continue my studies with the School of Natural Healing and plan to grow this area of my work because it offers a genuine and effective way to care for our health.

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