About Me

I originally trained and worked as a massage therapist. I graduated as an osteopath in 2008. I have worked in Wotton under Edge since 2008 and in Bradford on Avon since 2015.

I was drawn to Osteopathy because I have experienced in my own life how effective it can be. It has something for everyone. Training to become an osteopath takes 4 years full-time: learning anatomy, physiology, neural science, clinical examination and diagnosis. As well as learning osteopathy and technique. Before you qualify you spend 2 years treating real patients during a total of 1000 clinical hours.

I treat both structurally and cranially. This allows me to enjoy meeting the challenge of treating a wide range of patients. Treating children/babies is highly rewarding as a little treatment can produce very happy parents. Treating the elderly is also very rewarding as it can make such a difference in peoples quality of life, helping them to be more mobile and enjoy life to the full.